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Due to the rapidly growing population in Nairobi and other urbanized locations in Kenya, multi-residential buildings are the ideal solutions to counter-attack on expensive land in various prime areas in the capital city without compromising on the quality of housing. Building houses in a vertical manner so as to enable more people to inhabit an ideal location has proven to be highly economical compared to spreading houses wide.
Residential facilities have progressed with time, modern luxurious apartments are an ingenious blend of innovative design and functionality elements with services and facilities that make life extremely comfortable for tenants. If you are considering buying a modern luxurious apartment, you have a wide range of options to choose from but how does one settle on an apartment? To help you make this vital decision these are factors to consider before determining the best apartment.

Evaluate whether the location will be of benefit to your day-to-day activities and your overall life. The location convenience is dependent on the activities one does frequently like the proximity to your workplace, social places one loves attending to like social clubs, places of worship, recreation places like restaurants, and other factors like traffic. It’s advisable one gets an apartment that is a few minutes away from the city center or from the center of where one does various activities from a place of work, worship, dining and many more rather than moving to a far place the idea is avoiding being on road for long.

It’s vital to live in an area where the dominant lifestyle highly aligns with your lifestyle. It’s best that you purchase an apartment in an area where you share the same values, pace, and way of life which will help in getting along with the entire community.

Make sure the design of the apartment that you want to purchase suits your individual aesthetics since no one will be comfortable in a home that does not reflect their personal style sensibilities. Check the list of features that the apartment has, the cutting-edge technology installed to make residents’ life much easier. Parking lot space is always important especially if one has a car or a couple of cars be it from everyone who will be staying with you in your apartment to the number of visitors one will be having on a regular basis, thus knowing how many cars you can park in the parking lot is vital.

One has to be keen on how the elevators in the apartment work, the best residential lifts move from one level to another in a second and have reliable emergency features and exits. This is a vital feature in a luxurious apartment that many residential owners tend to forget.

A house that comes with a wonderful view usually brings joy to many homeowners, thus a view that one might be able to see the capital city, great buildings, or the capital city is a fantastic experience.

Always be on the lookout for the services offered by the apartments for convenience purposes such as laundry, housekeeping, litter collection amongst many vital services that will make day to day life of residents easier and better.

Does the building have amenities that you desire? Amenities such as a gym so that you can always be in the best shape especially if you love to work out. This will help you avoid moving from one location to another in an aim to look for a gym away from your house, thus helping in saving time and energy. Swimming pool is also an amenity feature that is popular among many new apartments in Nairobi. Such amenities make life much easier and better for entertainment purposes, convenience, leisure, and healthy lifestyle.

Is the apartment safe and secure with security features that make the place safe for the residents? Security features like intercoms which makes you the only one who can grant anyone access to your house/apartment or the spaces and time allocation of the spaces you need to be in the apartment at a given time, electric fence, CCTV surveillance camera, competent, trained and professional security guards and dogs. Other apartments go an extra mile to deploy administration police to guard the residential apartment.

If you have little children, love to entertain yourself outdoors, or get some fresh air in a conducive environment, it’s good to find an apartment that has a lovely leisure space that tenants can use by themselves or share. Most luxurious apartments usually have their own garden on the ground floor or rooftop, with others offering playgrounds for children. These leisure spaces can serve as highly accessible outdoor retreats.

Enzi heights is the best modern, stylish, luxurious, and affordable new development in Nairobi of one (1), two (2), three (3) bedroom inspired hotel apartments conveniently located along Mombasa road near Nextgen mall benefiting from great transport, hospitality, shopping and all local amenities making it ideal for first time home buyers, young couples/families, second time home buyers and investors. Its amenities include a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, children’s play area, ample parking, solar/electric high-pressure water supply system, lobby with four elevators, 24hr. security, manned gate and electric fencing, European standard kitchens, internet, and cable TV connectivity, water borehole, intercom communication, CCTV monitoring, and access control, accessible rooftop area with views and reception area. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment Enzi height is more than ready to meet your desired wants and needs, don’t be shy and get in touch with us for a luxurious apartment for you.

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